Bombshellz World Tour
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Bombshellz World Tour

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What you get💙
1 prize pit card (2 to 3 products)
5 ball bonanza balls that contain, pendants, oysters, wallets, makeup brushes etc..or a ton of Amazon Balls for your chance to win some band merch for an artist of choice!!!

Here’s the fun part! When you checkout put in your Notes your favorite top 3 bands or artists!

If you pull an Amazon card you get to play the amazon balls! Find an amazon ball and we will find you a unique gift from one of your musical artists of choice and have it shipped directly to you from Amazon!!!

Now, you can only use one amazon card per $30 game so if multiple are pulled those will be treated like Wild cards!!!

please note it is a game of chance and are not guaranteed an Amazon prize. Balls are extra bonus gift. You are guaranteed at least $30 in pearly Bombshellz spa products and oysters and up. Shipping is free!