Pearl Parties got you hooked?

If your like me I’ve spent countless hours watching live pearl parties. I love pearl parties but the oysters + jewelry can get pricey! I created Pearly Bombshellz to give pearl party enthusiasts a total pamper package that includes a bathbomb, one pearl & one cage pendant! That’s right, you can  now buy a real cultured pear plus the jewelry to wear it in along with the invigorating bathbomb it comes in for less than the cost of one live oyster opening! Here’s the best part, you can experience the excitement of opening your own pearl by simply dropping in one of our awesome Pearlly Bombshellz into your bathtub! Just sit back relax and Watch as your pearl and cage pendant emerges from your fizzy tub! Still want to attend oyster openings? We got you covered, every week we will be going live to open the oysters to reveal what pearls we will be putting in each handmade Pearly Bombshell! Now, you can’t choose the pearl or cage that comes in your Pearly Bombshell because what would be the fun in that? But you can order during our live openings to get in on the colors of that opening! Make sure to like and follow us on Facebook so you can be notified every time we go live!